Compliance Data Analyst - Romania

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We’re looking for a Data Analyst to sit within our Regulatory Compliance Team. Our aim is to build the Compliance function of one of the most successful financial technology firms in the world.

Data sits at the heart of Revolut and plays a uniquely crucial role in what we do. With data we build intelligent real-time systems to personalise our product, tackle financial crime, automate reporting, track team performances and enhance customer experiences.

Fundamentally, data underpins all operations at Revolut and being part of the team gives you the chance to have a major impact across the company – apply today to join our world class data function.


The Regulatory Compliance team at Revolut is responsible for validating that the business is meeting regulatory requirements for a broad range of regulatory compliance areas such as; Conduct Risk, Credit, Payments, Treating Customers Fairly, Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Data, and other subject areas. We are looking for smart and ambitious people who would help us understand our compliance data and help ensure regulatory requirements and standards are embedded within Revolut’s processes, products and services. This is a unique opportunity to develop a career in compliance and learn more about compliance processes.  Your main weapons will be SQL, dashboards, and a thorough understanding of our business. 


  • Understand our business and its processes through our data and apply this understanding and knowledge to help the regulatory compliance teams
  • Establish automated queries and dashboards to monitor key compliance metrics and visualise actionable insights and trends which result in material enhancements to the control environment
  • Contribute to compliance processes by identifying opportunities for improved adherence to regulatory requirements and company standards through the use of data.


  • An analytical mind, the ability to solve complex problems and streamline processes
  • Ability to take a risk-based approach to analysing data, think critically and ask difficult questions
  • Willingness to ‘pitch in’ to get the job done
  • Regulatory awareness with previous experience in a financial institution is highly desirable


  • Proven work experience as a Data Analyst or Business Analyst
  • 1+ year of experience creating dashboards/reports using SQL
  • Data-driven storytelling and visualisation skills (with tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Looker ect)
  • Experience coding in Python 
  • Experience with analytical databases

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